Recycling your Broken Mirrors and Turn your Boring Old Boots into a Designer-inspired Pair

Broken Mirrors

When I first looked at the pair of boots above, the first thought that came into mind was “seven years of bad luck…and more”. We have all heard about the curse that comes with breaking mirrors, but whoever thought of wearing them as embellishments? Trust the fashion designers to come up with such controversial things! Here\’s how you can turn your boring old black boots into a designer-inspired pair. Who says great pretty shiny things need to come with a big price tag?

  1. Before you start on this project, make sure you have thick rubber gloves on and protective footwear to avoid nasty unwanted cuts from the sharp pieces. Also, choose a pair of boots that do not require you to stretch them in order to get into them; they should have a zipper for easy access.
  2. Here is the best part (or worst, depending on how you see it) of the project. Break a mirror by smashing it onto the ground. This is the perfect excuse to break a mirror. Alternatively, use an already broken mirror (hey, great way to recycle broken mirrors too!) and break it into even smaller pieces. You want pieces that are between 1 in x 1 in, to approximately 1 in x 2 in. Longer pieces are okay, but be careful where you place them or you might not be able to wear your boots anymore. Avoid wide pieces because your boots will not be able to bend as well.
  3. If you still do not like the idea of breaking a mirror (but some how are okay with the idea of wearing them on your boots), visit a nearby frame shop. Chances are that they will have broken scraps of mirrors waiting to be recycled. You can purchase these at a very low price.
  4. Heat up your glue gun and put on your boots in the mean time.
  5. String glue onto the back of the broken mirror pieces near every edge. Stick the mirror pieces near the hem of your boots. Avoid using thigh high boots for this project.
  6. Continue sticking broken mirror pieces all around the hem, keeping in mind that you should avoid sticking them on horizontally so that there are no sharp edges sticking out. You should also minimize the amount of broken mirror pieces that you stick on the inner calf area as this area tends to rub against one another and thus, risking cuts or even broken pieces falling off.
  7. Once you are done, carefully take them out and leave them to dry.

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