Removing oil from your expensive carpet

How many times does oil happen to dirty your expensive carpet? Worry that the stain might not be able to come out anymore? It is unavoidable that our carpet might have some oil stain without us realizing it sometime especially if we have kids at home. The rule of thumb is that the soonest you discovered the oil stain and remove it, the easier for it to came out. Let\’s look into a few tips before sending your carpet to dry cleaning centre and burn a hole in your pocket!

Things to Bear in Mind
Never use bleach or any chemical that contains bleach to remove the oil stain. This is because the bleach might leave a mark to your carpet or fades away the original color of your carpet.


By Using Commercial Detergent and Alcohol

  1. With the advancement of technology, you can easily spot a commercial cleaner detergent in the market that claims to remove all sorts of stains including oil stain. If you do buy this product, it is important to follow the instruction at the back of the package closely.
  2. It is advisable to remove the stain right away once you spotted it. Best way is by treating the area with the detergent by hand to effectively remove the said oil stain. Alternatively, if the oil stains is discovered later, you can opt to wash it by putting it into the washing machine if it can fit your carpet. Remember to change the mode to delicate because the normal cycle or speedy mode will spoil the texture of your carpet. It is important to read the label behind your carpet as to the washing care and method to wash. This is because each carpet is made out from different materials.
  3. If all these methods as mentioned above don\’t work on stubborn oil stain, you can consider using alcohol, otherwise known as “wood spirit”. The active ingredients in it can be used effectively to remove oil stains. Apply a small amount on a cloth or towel and try rubbing the affected stain area. Remember not to use too much because the active ingredients in alcohol might destroy the texture of the carpet. Continue to rub the surface that was affected with oil stain until the stain is gone.

By using Dish Washing Liquid

Another method that one could use is by using dish washing liquid. However, please note that dish washing liquid is designed to clean dishes; some of the ingredients in it might damage the fiber in the carpet if it is used in long term.

Important Things That Has to be Done after Getting Rid of the Oil Stain
After all of the above mentioned measures have been taken to remove the oil stain,
it is important to vacuum and dry the carpet and disposed off any unused cleaning detergent. This is to avoid any dust or residue being trapped inside the carpet.

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