Removing gum from your carpet


It is such pain in the neck if you found a gum sticking on your carpet and could not remove it. It happens sometime when you chewed your gum half way and the next thing you notice is that the gum trapped in your carpet. Removing the gum off from the carpet can really be troublesome but there are a few ways to tackle such problem in no time.

Before deciding to throw away your carpet, please check out a few tips here that might be helpful and solve your problem.

Ways to remove gum from your carpet

From Your Kitchen

Before heading out to supermarket or seeking any professional\’s help. You can first check out some stuff that can remove your gum just behind your kitchen cabinet.

Using Ice cube

  • One of the most common ways is by using ice cube. You may ask how one does it with ice cube alone. Take a few ice cubes and put it on the gum to harden it. Once the gum is hardened, you can use a spoon or metal ruler to scrap off the gum as much as possible.

Using Hair Dryer

  • Another method that is similar to the method as mentioned above is by using a hair dryer. Use a hair dryer to blow dry the gum and wait for it to hardened. Remember not to set the temperature too high to avoid spoiling the carpet\’s fiber. Once the gum is hardened, again use a spoon or metal ruler to scrap the gum off. Note to these two method is that do not use a knife to scrap the gum off as this will spoil the fiber in the carpet.

Using Dish Washing Liquid

  • Dish washing liquid might help in removing the gum from your carpet. Pour a small amount of dish washing liquid to a cloth or sponge and rub the affected area a few times. After cleaning it away, remember to dry the carpet and vacuum it so that dirt or residue will not trapped inside the carpet. Remember to use a mild dish washing liquid that does not contain bleaches. This is to prevent the carpet from getting patches after a while.

From Stores or Supermarket

If all else failed then you may consider heading to the nearest store near your place to get a commercial cleaning detergent. Some claims to remove almost any type of stain including gum. Most carpet remover detergent works well in related to removing a gum. One thing that one has to bear in mind is to follow the instruction as stated in the label. If you put too much of the detergent, the chemical content may spoil your carpet. So it is important to follow the instructions and not to skip it!

Follow these simple steps and say good bye to all your worries! If you still could not resolve this problem, then you may seek help from professionals.

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