Resetting a GE Simon 3 Sensor

General Electric has manufactured an alarm system called The Simon 3 that comes with a variety of sensors that are arranged around your home or business to detect the intruders. If the system is armed when the Simon sensor is activated, the alarm sound and emergency services may be called, which depends on your setup. Enter your alarm code into the control panel to reset a sensor and disarm the alarm. Here are the steps on how to do it.


  1. First, flip down the plastic cover that protects the control panel buttons.
  2. Then, enter your alarm code using the “CODE” keys. The five keys which are labeled are “1-2”, “3-4”, “5-6”, “7-8” and “9-0”. For example, if your code is “1234”, then press the “1-2” button twice. After that, press the “3-4” button twice.
  3. Wait for a while. A correct code will disarm the alarm and resets the sensors. However, the alarm will sound again if you arm the system and the sensor is tripped.

Although there are lots of choices when it comes to home security system for your door in the market today, the most important thing that you need to know is that the alarm systems no matter what type that you are using, it will have one common basic structure with the same principals.

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