Reusing and Recycling Old Blankets around the House

Reusing and Recycling

You may have many old blankets lying around the house left unused. Here are some ways that you can put them into better use, instead of leaving them to collect dust in the linen closet.


  1. Patch Work

    Any old cloth can be used for patch work. Patch work patches are traditionally hexagon in shape. Why not think out of the box. Cut random shapes and sizes out of old blankets and sew them together to get a big piece. The more blankets you use, the more colourful and bigger the result. You may even end up with a new blanket. If you think your new blanket looks good enough, turn it into a tapestry and hang it up on the wall. Who knows, it may even turn into a family heirloom.

  2. Car Cover

    Your blankets may not be able to keep you warm anymore, but they might be able to keep your car warm. During winter, use your old blanket in the garage to cover your car after you reach home. The old blanket will slow down the heat dissipation from your car\’s engine and keep your car warm longer and hopefully, keep your engine from freezing. If one blanket is not big enough, sew two old blankets together to get a bigger piece.

  3. Throws

    Throws are generally smaller in size as compared to blankets. If you have an old blankets with fraying ends, cut the edges off, give it a nice piping and turn it into a throw for your living room. Throws are also a good way to hide the hideous design on the big arm chair your mother gave you.

  4. Piano Cover

    Use old blankets to cover your piano when not in use. Alternatively, use the patchwork blanket as explained in no.1 above to cover the piano. But of course, make sure that the old blanket you use does not have holes in it. You should always keep your piano covered to protect from dust entering through the gaps. This will prolong your piano\’s life span.

  5. Bed sheet

    Back then when bed sheets had no gutters, they were merely just a piece of cloth big enough to cover the bed. Reuse your old blankets as bed sheet. Learn how to fold and seep in the sides the old fashion way; the way your mother used to do it. You can also use old blankets to cover up the bed in the guest room when not in use. That way, when you have unexpected visitors, you can simply take off the bed cover and the bed will be ready instantly.

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