Installing your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

When summertime arrives and the temperature from the outside weather is very hot and humid, a cool room with an air conditioner is the best place for you to have a rest and relax during summer. The installation of an air condition unit is a straight forward task but if you are not sure on how to do it, you should seek help from a professional or an air condition technician. The information provided below should be able to help you install your air conditioner unit.

What you need to consider doing:

  1. Caulking gun and waterproof caulk
  2. Measuring tape and pencil
  3. Air conditioner, mounting hardware, foam insulation
  4. Screwdriver and screws


  1. First thing that you need to do is to measure the area where you want to install the air conditioner and determine the size of the air conditioner unit required. You can also check the air conditioner rating from its British Thermal Unit capacity (BTU). For example, an air conditioner that comes with a 12,000 BTU can be used to provide cooling for a 500 square feet room. You can also check whether the unit was rated by the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) where the higher it\’s EER the better because it is using less electricity. After that, you also need to determine the location to install the unit and measure the window opening so that the unit that you purchased can fit the opening nicely.
  2. Once you have purchased the air conditioning system, look for the mounting brackets that came together with the unit. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer\’s manual or installation guide.
  3. Then, you need to slide the air conditioner into the window opening that you have chosen and attach the unit onto the mounting brackets. After that, lower down the window onto the top of your air conditioner.
  4. Next, you have to pull out the unit\’s extension on each side of it before starting to attach them to the window frame.
  5. For sealing any gap that you noticed between the air conditioner and the window, you can simply use a piece of foam.
  6. After that, you can attach the drainage hose to the outside area of the air conditioning system.
  7. For keeping the warm air from outside coming through any gap, you can use caulk around the outside frame of the conditioner unit.
  8. Finally, you can test the air conditioning system by plugging it to the power supply and turning the unit on.

Now, you can ahead and install your own install your air conditioner unit.

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