Installing a Room Air Conditioner

Room Air Conditioner

A room air conditioner which is also known as window air conditioners are designed to provide cooling to just one room. This air condition unit comes with a specific room or zoning specification thus achieving cooling savings than when using a central air conditioning. This unit of air conditioner is usually measured by its EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating whereby the higher it\’s EER, the better its efficiency is. The information provided below should be able to help you to install a room air conditioner system.

What you need:

  1. A room air conditioner system


  1. During the installation of your room air conditioner, all of the equipments like the unit\’s drainage system need to be leveled because any equipment which is unleveled will definitely not be operating efficiently. So make sure, you check everything first before emerging into this.
  2. You should consider installing the room air conditioning system in a shaded spot due to several good reasons. The reason for doing this is for reducing as much as possible the direct sunshine that the equipments absorb especially to the air conditioner outdoor equipments.
  3. Make sure that other appliances such as lamps or televisions are not placed near the air conditioner thermostat because this will make the unit operate even longer and not efficiently.
  4. It is recommended that this type of room air conditioning system to always be installed in a central position. This is to enable the air conditioner system to provide a very good airflow to the entire room.
  5. In terms of electrical circuits, the room air conditioning system only uses less than 7.5 amps amount of electricity for a small room if it is not shared with other appliances. As for a large room, it may require you to use a much higher and dedicated 115-volt circuits or 230-volt circuits.
  6. Always remember that by adjusting or increasing the system thermostat to cold setting does not mean that your room will cool faster or quickly. A cold setting that you have chosen will only produce excessive cooling and an increase in your electricity bills.
  7. The room air conditioning system\’s fan speed needs to be set to low setting especially when the outside temperature is really high on some days. This will allow your room to cool even better and also dehumidify the surrounding much better. It will also spread the air effectively resulting to low costs on your electricity expenses.

By the end of this, you now know how to install a room air conditioner system.

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