Turning your Old Blanket into a New Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

Does your baby seem to have a hard time sleeping at night whenever you leave him or her in the cot? Try cutting up your old blankets to make new baby blankets that will not only keep your baby warm, but leave him feeling safe and secure. If you have a favourite old blanket with a big hole that you are too attached to throw away, all the better! Your blanket would have soaked up all of your scent which the baby will be able to pick up. Before you embark on this project, make sure that your blanket does not have loose threads hanging out, or is starting to bio-degrade. Besides that, you should also thoroughly wash your blanket before turning it into a baby blanket to get rid of all the dirt and germs. This is because babies are more susceptible to bacteria and giving your baby an unwashed blanket may introduce unwanted bacteria into his or her system. However, do not worry as even newly bought blankets need to be washed to get rid of all the chemicals before put near a baby.


  1. First, find a nice patch on the blanket with no holes, and if possible, the softest part. Cut a two by two feet square piece out of the blanket. Do not throw the rest of it away; you can save the rest of the blanket for other projects. The size of the blanket is entirely up to you, although you should not make it too big as accidents can happen and your baby might suffocate in it. When making a baby blanket, keep in mind that your baby will only use it for a maximum of two years. It is, after all, a baby
  2. Fold all four edges down twice, approximately an inch wide, and pin the flaps down.
  3. Sew all four edges to keep them from fraying.
  4. Alternatively, you may cut strips of satin cloth or even use ribbon for piping. Sew the piping around all four edges. If you are using ribbon, you may choose to round the edges by cutting them so that you may pipe the edges with a single piece of ribbon.
  5. Now, you may decorate it to personalize the blanket. The most common thing to do would be to embroider your baby\’s name or initials onto the blanket on one of its corners. If you are not good at embroidery, you may purchase iron-on alphabets which you may iron on to the blanket. However, it is advisable to sew the iron-on patches even after they have been ironed on to ensure they do not tear off.

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