Reusing used wrapping paper

It is a waste to just throw away the wrapping paper after a birthday party or any gift-giving holiday season. Here are some tips on how you can reuse used wrapping paper to save the environment:

Wrapping Paper

If you manage to remove the sticky tape properly, there is no wrong with reusing wrapping paper as wrapping paper.


Cut out the shapes and patterns from the wrapping paper to be used in decoupage projects.


Reuse old wrapping paper to decorate handmade greeting cards, scrapbooks, and other crafts.


Cut it into smaller shapes, paste it on a piece of hard paper and voila! You have a new book mark.


Use used wrapping paper in your kids\’ Origami projects for better aesthetic value.

Gift Box

Cover an old box with used wrapping paper to make a new gift box.

Gift Base

Shred used wrapping paper or simply crumple them up to make a base for your other presents.

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