Reusing your blankets and towels

If you have unwanted, worn out towels and blankets made of terry cloth hanging around your linen closet, here are some useful tips on how to reuse them:


Terry cloths make the best rags as they are very absorbent. Fold your torn towel a two to three times and use it as a floor mat. Alternatively, cut it into smaller pieces and sew the sides to make face towels, hand towels, dish rags, and other household items.


If you have babies and pets at home, turn your holey towels into chew toys. Make sure that your towel is of good material to ensure that your babies or pets do not swallow the lint that comes off it. You can sew your towels into little bunnies, or even tie them up to be used as chew toys for your dogs.

Sewing projects

Here are a few useful things you can sew out of a used terry cloth blanket. Fashion a beach cover up out of your old towel, or even a beach tote. Alternatively, you can also use terry cloth blankets to sew bathrobes for you and the kids.

Keep your Pets Warm

Your blankets might have too many holes to keep you warm, but they\’d do just fine for your pets. Fold them over and leave them in your pet\’s basket for them to keep warm at night. Your pets will thank you for it.

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