Reusing your old furniture

Do you have pieces of old furniture lying around that do not really fit in with your d├ęcor? Perhaps an old arm chair you inherited from your grand aunt. Pieces of furniture like these are often hard to deal with; too old fashioned to be proud of, too much sentimental values to be thrown away. The best thing to do with them is to reuse them in different ways, possibly other than what they were intended for. Here is how:


Sometimes, relocating old furniture can bring about a breath of fresh air to other rooms. For example, old fashioned big arm chairs that usually stick out like a sore thumb amongst your other modern pieces can be moved to the study room to be used as a reading chair. Not only will you have a big comfortable chair for you to read in, the old arm chair can also act as the centre piece of the room.


Ever had a piece of furniture you really liked but is too damaged to put out? Try repairing it by replacing its legs, or giving it a fresh coat of paint. That way, you get to salvage it and you will have a piece of new furniture to show off.

Make Over

Your old furniture need not serve the same purpose as it used to when you first bought it. You can give it a make over by combining it with other pieces of furniture, or even cutting it into smaller pieces to be used as something else. For example, you can make an entry console out of an old round table of which one of the legs is broken. All you need is some imagination and some carpentry skills.

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