Reusing your old carpets

You notice that you just have stacks of old carpets at your home and don\’t know how to reuse it. Don\’t throw your old carpets instead you can make something new out of them. Here are three inexpensive and easy crafty ideas to do to reuse your old carpets.

Things that you need:

  1. Old carpet
  2. duct tape
  3. vase
  4. utility knife
  5. sturdy cardboard or thin plywood

Tower of Flowers:

  1. First, take any handle free vessel that can hold water such as a bud vase or dinking glass. You also need a utility knife to start this craft.
  2. Make several square or rectangular carpet sample “frames” cuts with center holes that are large enough to fit around your container at its widest point. Pile them into a chimney-like tower. Place your vase in the middle and fill with stems.
  3. To adjust the height and pattern on a whim, just leave the pieces of unglued carpets cuts.

Shagdelic Headboard:

  1. First, start by deciding on a size and shape that will fit your bed.
  2. Then, build it by fitting together enough carpet tiles according to your design. To cut them into the size that you need, use a sharp utility knife for precision.
  3. Next, glue the pieces to a backing of thin plywood or sturdy cardboard. Leave it to dry completely.
  4. Finally, hang the headboard with a cleat on the wall behind the bed.

Quilt Inspired Rug:

  1. First, piece together custom hallway runner. Choose your pattern. For easier cutting job, choose geometric and less curvy design.
  2. Slice 8″ of carpet samples using a utility knife in half on the diagonal to make uniform triangles. Lay them in order on the floor once your components are cut.
  3. Attach each piece to its neighbor by applying a strip of the fix-all-duct tape to the underside of each stem.

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