Reusing your towels to make bedroom slippers

If you have accidentally torn your towel, hold on to it, instead of directly throwing it away. There are many sewing projects you can embark on with unwanted towels. The material used to make towels is not only soft, but also mostly child-proof. Therefore, save up your unwanted towels the next time you find a hole in one. Among one of the things you can make using an unwanted towel are comfy bedroom slippers. Here is how:

  1. Choose a Towel

Choose a thinner towel as it would be easier to work with. You can use a white towel, or any other colour you want your slippers to be.

  1. Draw your Template

On a piece of paper, trace the outline of your foot by going around it with a pen. The area around toes should be bigger and rounded. This is your template. Make sure to smoothen out the rough edges so that you have a perfect foot-like shape. You can now transfer this on to your towel. Flip the template over for the other foot.

  1. Cut out your design

You can now cut out your design. Make sure to cut an inch away from the design so that you have enough space for stitches. You need four cut-outs, two for each foot. If you are good with the scissors, you may cut them both at once, but if you are new to sewing, cut piece-by-piece to avoid mistakes. You will also need two oval-shaped pieces to cover the top of your foot. The oval must be as long as the cut-out, and wide enough to go over your foot with an inch of excess on both sides.

  1. Cut Foam Padding

Next, transfer the same template onto a piece of thin foam padding. Make sure that your foam padding is less than half an inch thick or it will be very hard to work with. Cut out the template for both feet. It would be easier to sew later on if you could make the foam padding design slightly smaller than the one on the towel cut-outs, approximately 0.5 cm in.

  1. Sew!

Next, fold the excess edges of the towel cut-outs neatly and sandwich the foam padding cut-out in between. Make sure that you have the right combination for each foot. Also, remember to insert the top piece as well or the slipper will not be able to hold your foot. To do so, fold over the oval piece in to two and tuck it in between the sandwich pieces. Sew around the edges, approximately 0.5 cm in. It would be easier to start from the front of the foot as there is an extra piece there.

  1. Repeat

Repeat step 5 for the other foot. You now have a pair of homemade bedroom slippers!

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