Rustic Christmas Decorations to Make

In order to make a rustic Christmas decorations in your house for this coming Christmas celebration, you can create simple decorations by incorporating natural items such as old fabrics, greenery and wooden materials in order to inject a natural Christmas spirit. It is also unique to create craft country-themed ornaments along with rustic d├ęcor elements of the nature. Besides that, you can also make decorations out of pinecones, nuts, popcorn, and cranberries which are particularly beautiful and also inexpensive.

What you need to do:

  1. Fabric scraps, 1 yard
  2. Pinking sheers
  3. Glue
  4. Styrofoam wreath form
  5. Plain wooden ornaments
  6. White tealight candle
  7. Craft paint
  8. Moderately dark wood stain
  9. Christmas ribbon, rafia, or jute
  10. Old buttons and/or Christmas embellishments
  11. Small paintbrush
  12. Small sponge brush
  13. Paper towels or old rag
  14. Hot glue gun
  15. Cranberries
  16. Floral wire
  17. Pinecones
  18. Newspaper
  19. White spray paint
  20. Glittering glue
  21. Clear glass glitter
  22. Bowl
  23. Live greenery
  24. Green apples
  25. White, battery-operated candles
  26. White flowers
  27. Popped popcorn
  28. Quilting thread
  29. Embroidery needle
  30. Oranges
  31. Knife
  32. Oven
  33. Paper towels
  34. Walnuts in the shell
  35. Gold spray paint

Christmas Decorations


  1. To do your first decoration related to the rustic theme, you need to cut your fabric into at least 2-inch squares by using pinking sheers and for those of you who are using an unusually large wreath form, cut the fabric into 3-inch squares.
  2. Take a small paper cup and pour some glue into it. Then, you need to place the pointed end of your pencil approximately at the center of the first square before folding up the end according to the length of the pencil and twist it slightly in order for it to be able to hold in place.
  3. Once finished, you have to dip the pointed center of your fabric in glue before punching it into the wreath form for at least half an inch. After that, you can pull the pencil out while the fabric should stay to start forming a small tuft.
  4. Repeat the same step as mentioned in Step 3, punching them into the wreath form according to the pattern or design, which suits you best.
  5. Then, you need to hammer three nails into the wall or door according to a triangle enabling you to hang your wreath. Ensure that you make some space when you start nailing them so that you are able to press the Styrofoam into them at the top center and two points on its bottom.
  6. Next, you need to string any extra fabric squares onto your garland before you start to thread a needle and pass it via the center of each square. If it is necessary, you can add wooden beads for you to space the squares when desired. A garland also can be used for the rustic decorations where you can place the garland over the mantle or even on your tree.
  7. Other decorations that you can do are to create cranberry wreaths using 20 cranberries where you can thread them on the floral wire. Once finished, you need to cut the wire and bend it into a circle shape before you twist its two ends together in order to secure them for a rustic Christmas decoration.
  8. Another craft to do is to create pinecone ornaments by using pinecones from your backyard and spray the cones using a little white spray paint resembling snow.
  9. After that, you have to allow the paint to dry completely before you start doing the next steps. Then, roll them into a bowl filled with clear glass glitter and dry. Do not forget to tie a ribbon around each of your pinecone at the top section and hang this natural snow glistened Christmas ornament on the Christmas tree.
  10. Create a popcorn garland by threading cranberries along with popcorn onto a length of quilting thread. You can thread the materials using an embroidery needle in an alternating order enabling you to have maximum visual appeal. After you have finished, the end of your garlands should be tied and the garlands can be draped around the outside evergreen trees.
  11. To have other rustic decorations is by cutting thin orange slices; blot them until it dries off using paper towels. The orange slices need to be arranged on your oven baking rack and bake them at 275 degrees per hour. As for the temperature, you can reduce it to 225 degrees and bake into an additional two hours. Once finished, you have to allow them to cool off and glue a hanging ribbon on its back of its natural Christmas ornament.

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