Mixing Clear and Colored Lights on a Christmas Tree

It is an old tradition since centuries ago starting from the 16th century, people decorate Christmas trees especially during Christmas celebrations. The usage of lights will provide a warm glow and draws attention to the beauty of ornaments being used on the tree. To make the tree look more attractive, you can use your creativity by combining both the white or clear lights along with the colored lights. The white lights are normally being used for setting up the tree’s backdrop while the colored lights will definitely add a lively accent to the surrounding and also brighten up the festive occasions.

What you need to do:

  1. Step stool
  2. Mix clear lights
  3. Colored lights

Christmas Tree


  1. Firstly, you must plug in the first strand of your white lights. Then you may begin to wind it up around your Christmas tree by starting from the bottom of the tree and ensure that the lights are positioned toward the trunk of the tree. During the winding up of the strands, try to string the lights over and under all of the tree major branches.
  2. The above steps of stringing the white lights around the Christmas tree must be continued until you reach the tree top and make sure that all the white lights are positioned toward the tree trunk.
  3. Next step to do is to plug in the first strand of your colored lights by beginning to string it starting from bottom of the Christmas tree. Your colored lights must be placed more toward the edges of the tree’s branches.
  4. You must continue to string the colored lights until it reaches the tree top and try to position the colored lights more sparingly so that you would be able to use only half as many colored lights as the white lights.

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