Fixing Inflatable Christmas Decorations

In order for you to make a big statement or impact on your holiday decorations, you need to use inflatable Christmas decorations, which can be easily set up in your garden, your house roof or from inside of your house. This inflatable Christmas decoration can be easily deflated and stored away whenever you are done using it. If you find that your inflatable Christmas decorations are damaged and you wanted to discard the items, think again because you can try some simple methods that you can use to repair the problem and at the same time, save money.

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What you need to do:

  1. Tissue paper
  2. Duct tape
  3. Vinyl patch kit
  4. Hair dryer
  5. Fuse

Inflatable Christmas Decorations


  1. Whenever you notice that your inflatable decoration is having some difficulty staying filled, most probably there is a hole or tear somewhere in the item. You need to check the actual source of the problem. For example, if it is producing a slow leak, it might be caused by a very small hole like a pin prick which is difficult for you to detect.
  2. If the inflatable decoration refuses to inflate at all, the problem of your tear might be caused by something more severe. A method you can use to know whether there is a hole that makes the air leak is by running a piece of tissue paper over your inflatable decoration and if you hear a hissing sound underneath the tissue paper, you definitely know there is a hole present.
  3. To fix visible holes, you can patch it up with several layers of heavy duct tape and try to do it discretely in order not to prevent compromising on the aesthetic of your inflatable decoration. Then, you need to smooth the duct tape using your hand so that the tape is sealed properly thus preventing any leakage of air.
  4. Another way is to cover any of the leak sources using a patch designed to repair vinyl and follow the patch kits instructions accordingly. The patch normally needs to be glued onto the affected problem area and set with a hair dryer that would help its sealant to set in place securely.
  5. Apart from that, you also need to check whether its inflating component, which uses electric fans and motors, is in good condition and not malfunctioned. Other than that, there might be inadequate power source from your outlet or circuit breaker.
  6. So you also need to check both of this power sources. If you notice that there is any burnt fuse from your inflatable electric component, you need to replace it with a new fuse, whether using a spare fuse or purchasing one from your local electronics supply store.
  7. Make sure to check whether the plug of your inflatable is damaged or not and also check for frayed wires that might also be damaged. If your plug is damaged, just throw it away and do not try to plug in your inflatable decorations because there is always a risk of fire when you use a damaged plug.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Men OR Top 10 Gift Ideas fro Women

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