Rustic Log Home Christmas Decorations

In order to have a countrified décor in your house for this coming Christmas celebration, you can decorate a similar log cabin in your house along with the rustic look of a cabin. Whenever you are talking about rustic or log cabin decorating, it may sound like an overwhelming project to do, but actually it is not because you can simply start with a small decoration of rustic décor elements look or you can break it down into different rooms or living areas. Some of the simple decorations that you could do are by incorporating natural items such as greenery and wooden materials in order for injecting a cabin look that has natural Christmas spirit. Besides that, you can also use the natural things found inside or outside of your cabin for instance, you can glue a row of bells to an old belt for creating a nifty door-hanger enabling you to know the arrival of your guests.

What you need to do:

  1. Christmas trees
  2. Tin star
  3. Pinecones
  4. Metal ornaments
  5. White lights
  6. Greenery
  7. Candles
  8. Santa figures
  9. Nativity scenes


  1. Firstly, you could scatter a few pine trees in certain locations inside your log cabin house and you can top off your tree using a tin star and try to keep your tree free of ornaments. But if you insist on decorating the tree, do it minimally by adding pinecones, metal ornaments and white lights. In order to look more rustic, you should go for a small alpine or lodge type of trees.
  2. It is recommended that you choose decoration that comes with earth-toned and have natural colors and to add a more rustic look, try to use rusted metal, wrought iron and rough edges. You could also use other natural elements such as sprigs and evergreen to your cabin’s furniture.
  3. Apart from that, you can also place candles, greenery plants either real or artificial and holly berries on top of your mantels, plus also use an antique look Santa figures on the mantel.
  4. Other option that you could use is to hang an old-fashioned Christmas signs above your walls, adding pinecones and greenery into an antique bowl of fruit on your tabletops, hang fruit feature wreaths, set some swags of greenery along with red bows within your log cabin, plus also adding a rosemary tree or poinsettia where you think is suitable.
  5. Try to keep your Christmas decoration simple and to a minimum level. You can also try using different theme in different rooms for example, an old-fashioned Santas or a nativity scene. You do not have to change everything in your cabin to make it look rustic, just add a few decorations accordingly and replace only a few furnishings where it is appropriate.
  6. For the outdoor area of your cabin, you can decorate with an antique-looking sleigh on its front lawn along with a string of white lights. On top of that, you can also place clusters of twig bird nests, acorns, pinecones and berries on the side of your front porch and steps.

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