Saving energy for Gardening

Everywhere around the world, people are trying to come up with a lot of energy saving ideas for gardening work such as to conserve water and also reducing other kinds of energy that are being used when you are doing gardening work. In order to save energy for gardening, below are some of the things that you can do.

What you need:

  1. To use watering can
  2. To dampen plants at the roots
  3. To cut the lawn less often
  4. To use large container for planting
  5. To mulch your garden


  1. Use watering can (rather than water hose) that has been filled-up with water in the evening to water plants in the morning because the water will be near air temperature thus reducing shock to plants. Also collect rain water in a barrel for your watering activities.
  2. Dampen your plants starting from its roots because by doing this enables the plants to absorb water quickly and also reduce leaf-burn when the water evaporates.
  3. Do not cut your lawn regularly because you can save a lot on gasoline or electricity, your taller blades absorb more carbon dioxide from the surrounding air.
  4. Using large container plantings helps you conserve water. If you are using the hanging baskets for planting your plants, it will lose water daily through top evaporation and also root-level dripping. As for the large containers, it lets water percolate through the plants soil very slowly, and your plant will have lesser lost to evaporation.
  5. Try to reduce weed growth and help your plants soil to retain water by mulching it using organic mulch made of leaves or cedar shavings.

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