Saving water at home

You will be able to pay low water bills if you manage to conserve more water for your household, plus it also helps reduce water pollution of your surrounding environment. Nowadays, the running water provided to every household is definitely is a valuable resource that enables almost endless list of applications and uses in and around your house. In order to save water at home, below are some of the things that you can do.

What you need:

  1. Check any leak at sinks and toilets
  2. Do not flush toilet often
  3. Take shorter shower
  4. Turn off tap when not is use
  5. Provide storage for catching rain water
  6. Run dishwasher and washing machine with full load


  1. First thing that you need to check is whether there are any leakage at your sinks and toilets. Next, to note down your water meter number when it is not in use and after an hour or two, do another round of checking on the meter. If you are not using, the meter should be the same but if it changes, you need to check all the sinks and toilets in your house.
  2. Do not always flush your toilet and if you notice that there is a piece of tissue in the toilet, remember not to flush it until someone uses that toilet. Apart from that, you can also buy the more eco-friendly toilet that uses less water during every flush.
  3. You must also take shorter showers in order to save water. When you are soaping your body, do not turn on the shower but only do it when you are ready to rinse your body. You must also avoid taking baths that uses a lot more water than the showers.
  4. Whenever you are brushing your teeth, do not leave your tap water running down the drain. Turn it off because by turning it off you will save water. Just turn it on whenever you want to clean your teeth, mouth and also your toothbrush.
  5. Prepare your own bucket to catch rainwater outside of your house. This water storage can be used for watering your flowers and plants instead of using the water from your existing hose.
  6. Always ensure that the dishwasher or the washing machines are already fully loaded when doing your cleaning.

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