Saving water in the bathroom

Nowadays the consumption of water is growing by the day while our water supply is starting to decrease due to several reasons. In an effort to help solve this global environmental situation, we need to start to conserve the usage starting from our own bathroom. The efficient usage of water from the bathrooms will definitely help preserve water resources for the sake of our future generations. In order to save water in your bathroom, below are some of the things that you can do.

What you need:

  1. New toilet flapper and valve kit
  2. Dye or food coloring
  3. Water displacement device
  4. WaterSense products


  1. Check for any leak in your water faucet and fix it if there is any leak. This problem if left unchecked will be the main thing responsible for wasting gallons of water in your household. One way to determine if you are having any leakage is to note down the reading on your water meter and leave it for up to two or three hours before you check the meter again. If there is any leakage, there will definitely be difference in the meter readings.
  2. Consider using an environmentally responsible product for your water faucet which can help reduce your sink\’s water flow without affecting its performance. Other ways to save water is to always turn it off when you are brushing your teeth or washing face because it can waste water up to eight to ten gallons per day.
  3. To determine that your toilet also does not have any leakage by putting in a bit of dye or food coloring into your water tank and if the color seeps into the bowl even without flushing, it is confirmed that you are having leaky toilet. Other than that, you can place a plastic bottle filled with water or sand in the tank for displacing some of the water that your toilet uses whenever it is flushed but make sure it does not obstruct the toilet mechanism.
  4. Toilet accessory that has deteriorated with age need to be replaced. For example, its flappers and valve which you can purchased from your local hardware stores. If you find that the toilet is in serious condition and the leakage cannot be fixed, you could consider replacing it using a WaterSense-certified toilet.
  5. Try to use the shower rather than the bathtub because the water consumption between both of them is major. For example, 70 gallons of water are needed to fill a bathtub while only 25 gallons of water used if you take a short shower.

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