Selecting A Home Security Camera System

A home security system that comes with camera features will provide you with better protection in order for you to identify thieves, vandals or just to know who is in front of your house door. The home security camera system can also act as a deterrent to possible intruders because criminals always look for houses that are easy and do not have any security protection. In order to look for this type of security system, you need to do some research because there are lots of different types and models in the market and you have to carefully choose the right one which is more suitable to your needs. Here’s how to select a home security camera system for their home.

What you need to do:

  1. Time
  2. Patience
  3. Choose the right camera for indoor or outdoor
  4. A home security camera system
  5. Check the camera features
  6. How many cameras to use
  7. Determine whether to use wireless, plug in or hard wired type of systems
  8. Consider your available budget

Home Security Camera System


  1. Firstly, you need to decide whether you need a special type of cameras especially for the outdoor of your house. This is because the outdoor camera is not the same as the indoor camera due to the weather element that you need to take into consideration.
  2. Try to look for quality weatherproof cameras so that it will not get damaged easily to weather elements.
  3. It is recommended that you choose a camera for your outside area that has night vision feature and besides that, you also need to check its lux rating, which is a rating that measures the camera’s ability to function during night time. If the lux rating is low, then the camera needs only less light to be able to capture vision in the dark. With this rating, you would be able to select a good camera especially if you want to place it in a shaded area.
  4. Then, you need to use a fairly wide field type of camera for instance a camera that comes with 3.6mm lens in order to provide you with a better overall viewing of the images. If you want to see good facial details of a person from a distance of 20 to 25 feet, you have to choose a much larger lens (like 6mm or 8mm type of lens).
  5. You must also determine the right number of cameras to use in order to have proper surveillance and keep your house surrounding secured.
  6. You will notice that some of the security camera systems come with predetermined number of cameras to be used when installation is done, while other systems allow you to choose whether to use according to your needs or add several more in future when the need arises.
  7. Apart from that, you also need to choose whether to use the security camera system that uses plugged-in method, wireless or even hard wired. Sometimes some of the system mentioned that they are wireless type, but in the end you still need to plug it into a power outlet in order for the system to transmit the wireless signal back to its monitor or recording gadget. There is also a system that uses power operated source, which is considered not a practical choice while the hard wired camera system would be able to supply you with the best reception, but it is much difficult to install.
  8. If you can afford and have enough budgets, you can consider whether to use color camera systems. But if you are running on a low budget, just use black and white camera systems. The color system costs more due to its quality in terms of vision but some of the black and white camera systems can also work better when used in low light area. Having audio systems in addition to your camera system to enable you to hear what is happening outside will even cost you more because it is expensive.
  9. The more advanced type of security camera system is also able to be connected onto video that connects to your home computer where you will be able to view what is happening within the perimeter of your house via the computer or even upload the images to the internet (if you have the internet connectivity).
  10. There are also some security camera systems that enable you to view only the images that it captures while others are compatible with your video recording player or other types of recording gadget for you to see recorded images whenever you are not at home.

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