Installing a Home Security Alarm System

Having a home security alarm system helps provide the feeling of safety whether you are away at work as well as when you are sleeping at the night. Some of the security systems are designed with wired and also wireless technology.

For simple home security systems that come with a starter kit it is easy for you to install it on your own, but for some advanced type of home security alarm systems might be too complicated and you need to hire professional assistance in doing the installation of the systems.

What you need to do:

  1. Home security alarm system
  2. Tools

Home Security Alarm System


  1. Firstly, you have to install the system’s main control board, which will handle all the incoming signals channeled from connecting cameras, lights and sensors that you have programmed to your home security alarm system as well as sending signals to security monitoring company (if you subscribed to their services).
  2. Normally, installation is simple to do where the control board only needs a power supply outlet and also a telephone or cable wire.
  3. The next step to do is to place door sensors on your house entrance doors and then ensure that the magnetic switches or other sensors that you use are cleanly divided whenever your door is opened.
  4. Your signal cable needs to be run back to your main control board. Besides your door, you should also install sensors on your windows enabling the alarm system to be able to trigger on when the window is broken and the procedure is similar to the installation done with door sensors.
  5. You must also position a glass break alarms as secondary alarms in order to complement the window sensors and then run the signal cable like you do with the door sensors onto the main control board.
  6. Apart from that, you also need to install a remote control panel right next to your main entrance door where it would enable you to arm and disarm the system whenever you are about to enter or leave the house for work or long vacation. Then, you have to run its signal cable back to the main control board.
  7. Once you have finished installing the system, you need to make sure it works. Therefore, you have to do some testing on the remote control panel, door and window sensors, plus also your glass break alarms connectivity with your system main control board. Do not forget to set the pass codes that you will always remember in order for you to arm as well as disarming the system.
  8. Installing the main control board of your home security alarm system requires you to connect it with your home’s power supply. If you are not confident doing the task, you can hire a professional electrician or even ask your supplier of the system to install them for you. But if you decide to do it on your own, always remember to turn off the proper electrical circuit before you start to connect the system with the power supply.

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