About Home Security Door Sensors

In order to protect your property and also the safety of your families, you can install home security door sensor systems at your house. Nowadays, if you notice in malls where there are many small shops, some of these shops implement this idea to know when someone is coming in or going out the shop.

This door sensor system is one of the many types of home security systems available in the market today. Below is some of the information related to home security door sensors, which are the most popular component of home security systems.

What you need to do:

  1. Know and learn the function of the system
  2. Have a maintenance schedule
  3. Know the benefits and its functions

Home Security Door Sensors


  1. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the security system has been created and at that time only the really wealthy people can afford to have the system at their house. This system only comes with basic component where it triggers the alarm when the system has been tripped by intruders. But, the home surveillance security system was officially patented by Marie Brown in 1969 where the system used television monitor as its survey components, which was very expensive at that time. Nowadays, technology has improved a lot and security system is widely available making it much more affordable for house owners to own one.
  2. Normally, a door sensor will trigger off whenever the door is open. Once the alarm for the system is activated, the sensor will automatically send a signal to the system’s central panel thus triggering the siren or even informing the police department depending on the pre-programmed that has been set-up by the owner or the installer.
  3. Some of the home security door sensors are designed with magnets and have numerous different kind of mounting options. There is one type where you will find the sensor mechanism fitted in one side of the unit while the magnet itself located on the other side.
  4. Once its metallic parts lose contact with each other, it will result to the sensor sending signal to the system’s alarm. This type of door sensors is small in size and rectangular in shape, which can be attached to your house door jamb and wall. Apart from that, you can also place the door sensor on top of your door so that no one will notice of its existence.
  5. There are also home security door sensors that only work whenever the door is closed and the alarm is set.
  6. The problem with this type of system is when you have lots of doors in the house and also lots of people living, plus also moving in and out of the house. Therefore, you should carefully do some research before deciding on the security products that you want to use for your house and also the most important thing to consider is to know what you need in the system, which suits you and your family.
  7. You can also install wireless door sensors, which is much easier to install than wired sensors. Wireless door sensors are able to precisely sense movements or sound; body heat motion or any kind of possible threat from burglars. Apart from installing wireless sensors on doors, it can also be applied to windows for more added security. As for a complete home security, it not only has door or window sensors it can also detect heat and smoke during fire.
  8. Besides magnet sensor, there is also electrical voltage that keeps flowing throughout the system’s circuit areas of your home security system by virtue of sensor magnets whenever the doors or windows have been closed and locked by the owner.
  9. Once the protected doors or windows are broken into by burglars, the flow of electrical voltage will be interrupted thus activating the alarm. If you subscribed to monitoring company, the company will automatically contact the police department once they are alerted of any untoward incident coming from your house via the system’s sensors.
  10. The benefit of having home security door sensors is because it provides you with an effective way of monitoring the doors, deter intruders from breaking-in your property, plus also help parents who have small children who have the habit of wandering off when you least expected. Apart from that, door sensors can also be linked to your alarm system enabling it to send out a small beeping sound whenever a door is open even when the alarm is not being activated.

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