Tightening a Closet Door Knob

Tighten a Closet Door Knob

You might think that your closet door knob is fine and not in need of a retouch or repair, on the contrary, there might be a day when you will need to learn how to tighten your door knob. There will be a time your closet door knob will be loose after a while and need a quick repair. Loosening the knob will make it harder for you to open the closet and it will damage your closet door knob because you will need more force to open your closet. Some of the closet door knobs come with a lock or without lock but there are simple ways on how to tighten a closet door knob. Here\’s how you can do it peacefully.

You will need:

  1. Hex wrench
  2. Screwdriver


  1. First, loosen the set screw that is located on the sleeve of one side of the knob with a screwdriver or hex wrench. Unscrew the knob on the side of the door which is the Knob A until the spindle is exposed. On the other side of the knob which is the Knob B, perform the same step by tightening the set screw until it is very tight.
  2. Then, turn the Knob B until the flat part of the spindle is facing up. Push it into the door and then hold it in place. Place the Knob A on the spindle while keeping the Knob B in place firmly.
  3. Make sure that the Knob A is not too tight and is against the door. To make the screw aligned, just turn it then put the screw back in place and tighten it. Check the knobs to make sure that they can move freely but tightly against the door. If the knobs are not tight enough, repeat the process.
  4. For the closet door knob maintenance, check all the door knobs in your home regularly to make sure that all of them are working properly. You will have to take the whole door knob apart to find the screws that need tightening but that will depend on the age of the door knobs on your closet doors.
  5. For modern door knobs, the screw set is in a visible location for better finding. For older models of doors, there will be a hidden chassis mechanism that will need you to take the entire knob apart.
  6. If you need to replace a broken or damaged closet door knob, it is a simple and not a complicated process. All you have to do is to find the number of the door knob kit in your hardware store that will contain the tools that you need to attach a new closet door knob.
  7. If you have an old home that needs to be updated on its look, just add a modern knob that will do the trick. The idea is to choose door knobs that suit the room d├ęcor plus with the other addition of decorative elements to your room.

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