Cleaning a Leather Jacket Properly

Clean a Leather Jacket Properly

Leather is known to be very expensive, which is why when we own a pair of leather item we tend to be very possessive about it and it\’s not wrong for us to be. Leather is difficult to be damaged but if that happens then it\’s even more difficult to clean it or to recover from the damage done.

You will be horrified if your favorite leather jacket got dirty and is in need for special cleaning. Surely you must be afraid of the cost that it will take to repair the damage properly which might burn a hole your wallet. However, you might not want to get your leather jacket clean at a dry cleaner, not even from the cleaners who claim they can clean leather. You will actually face the chance of damaging the patina of your jacket. Nevertheless, if you have to take your leather jacket to the cleaners, be sure that it is the one that you know or that has been approved by many and recommended to you. Either way, there is always ways to clean a leather jacket that are better than the others. Here are the methods on how you can clean your leather jacket.

You will need:

  1. Mild soap
  2. Cloth
  3. Sponge
  4. Clothing Detergent
  5. Water
  6. Cloth Hanger
  7. Foot Oil
  8. Leather Garments Oil


  1. First thing that you have to do is to remind yourself not to over clean your leather jacket. You only need one good cleaning per year and that is all necessary for your leather jacket.
  2. When it comes to the time you need to clean it, you can spot clean your leather jacket with a damp cloth and mild soap.
  3. If you want to clean your jacket, take a sponge or cloth and damp it a bit with a solution of mild soap or clothing detergent with water.
  4. The way to clean the leather jacket properly is to wipe it all over with the damp sponge or cloth. Make sure you are not scrubbing your leather jacket.
  5. Rinse the soap residue with another damp cloth or sponge that uses plain water and wipe evenly.
  6. If your leather jacket still has remaining water, take a dry clean cloth or sponge to absorb the excess water. Use a cloth or jacket hanger and hang your leather jacket where it can dry at room temperature.
  7. Avoid hanging or drying your damp leather jacket on areas where it is too hot or in high temperature.
  8. When your leather jacket is completely dry, use several drops of foot oil and rub the oil using a clean sponge or cloth on your leather jacket. This oil will function as a coating barrier and will prevent your leather jacket from cracking.
  9. You can also use any other oil that is made especially for leather garments which you can find in any home improvement store or leather specialty shop.

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