Windproofing your home

Windproof your home

There are many ways to windproof your home. More importantly, there are many reasons on why people usually do it. One of the biggest costs in cooling and heating a home is the windows and doors. Most of the air from our climate-control home can escape due to the improperly sealed openings and entrances. If you want your home to be more energy efficient and reduce noise and dust, then sealing your existing windows and doors is the answer. You only need to know how to handle the tools in the right way.

One of several ways to protect your house from strong winds is by the wind proofing method, which is very popular in today\’s age. This method will save your house windows and the doors from the draft that comes in. It will also save your heating bill and is the perfect way to keep the wind out. Windproof method is suitable for people who live in the seasonal area or prone to windy and blizzard season. Here are the steps on how to windproof your home.

You will need:

  1. Door seals
  2. Heating Gun
  3. Draft Stoppers
  4. Weather Strips
  5. Foam Insulation
  6. Plastic Shrink Wrap


  1. First, you have to replace any damaged windows, doors and seal up any holes. Remove any worn off door seals and weather strips around a door. To keep the wind out, place new strips on the door.
  2. Then, to windproof your windows it is best to use double-paned windows. Replace old windows and window seals. Remove the window trim on the inside of the windows. Search for any cracks and feel for the drafts. To seal the cracks from the winds, use spray foam insulation to the cracks. After the foam insulation, replace the trim.
  3. Next, take a heating gun to shrink the wrap plastic to the inside of your windows. The wrap plastic will still allow you to see out of the window and prevent the wind to get into your house. Check your dryer vent cover to make sure that nothing is damaged or missing. Also, check the cover whether there are louvers missing or not.
  4. Replace any of your garage door seals if they are missing or worn out. Without a new replacement, the wind will manage to get in through the garage and lower the temperature inside the house.
  5. To block the wind coming in under your doors, you can use the draft stops. You can either purchase draft stops at hardware or home improvement stores or make them by using old scraps of stuffing and material.
  6. Before winter, it is advisable to check your roof shingles. Make sure to nail in tightly to secure your shingles. This will prevent the wind to rip off your shingles and also to keep off the wind and rain from getting into your house.

There you have it. By now you have properly learned how to your windows and doors for your home, or rather how to windproof your home.

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