Treating Wood Laminate Floor

Wood Laminate Floor

Keeping your wood laminate flooring is not hard and with a few tools and basic steps, you won\’t feel stressful when cleaning them. Cleaning your laminate flooring in the right way will ensure they will stay attractive and durable for years. You will need to be extra cautious not to scratch the floor with the rough edges of brooms and mops. Here are the steps on how you can clean your laminate flooring at your home.

You will need:

  1. Broom
  2. Mop
  3. Wood Laminate Cleaner
  4. Dust Mop


  1. The easiest way to clean your wood laminate flooring is by sweeping it with a broom. It is still possible for the floor to get scratched by a sharp object such as small pebble even though these styles of floor are very durable.
  2. Avoid using any mop with metal edges as it can leave marks on a laminate floor. You can use plain plastic or bristled broom and use them with a light sweeps to avoid rocks or stones from scratching the floor surface. Remove any dirt and debris from the floor before continuing onto the next step.
  3. You can use disposable dusting cloth on the end of a long plastic stick to change the regular mop. Most of this product can be purchased at your hardware store. You can also find the non-disposable versions that use soft and reusable cloths too. They are perfect for cleaning up any tiny bits of dirt and dust that still remains on your floor even after you have swept it. Dust the floor carefully and then switch to a new cloth.
  4. To clean your wood laminate flooring thoroughly, use a special wood laminate floor cleaners that can be purchased in flooring retail stores and home improvement stores. You can also find these products via online. Make sure to choose only safe cleansers that are marked as safe for wood laminate flooring. If not, you might end up with a soapy cleaner that will leave behind a streaky residue or film on your floor. Spray lightly on the entire floor or places that need to be cleaned and mop to dry.
  5. When using your mop or dust mop to clean the moisture of the cleaner on the floor, the best way is by applying soft pressure so that you won\’t leave scratches across your flooring. Buff your floor as you clean it with mopping it up gently.

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