Types of Air Conditioner Filters

Maintenance on the air conditioner filters need to be done regularly, they are changed for every 2 to 3 months depending on the usage of the air conditioning system. Do not wait for dust to settle inside your filter and this is very important in ensuring that you and your family can breath clean air and reduce less allergy symptoms. If the air conditioner is dirty, it can also increase your consumption of electricity. The air conditioner filter systems can be categorized into 3 types based on material and operation such as standard mechanical air filters, electronic air filters and pleated air filters. In order to know the types of air conditioner filters, below is some of the information that may be useful to you.

What you need to know:

  1. Mechanical Air Filters
  2. Pleated Air Filters
  3. Electronic Air Filters


  1. The most used air conditioning filters for home is the mechanical air filter type where it uses synthetic fibers in order to tap small particles such as debris and dust to prevent them from being circulate into your surrounding air. Besides that, charcoal filters also used mechanical type for getting rid of debris. There are also the disposable conventional fiberglass air filters which come either in 1-inch or 2-inch sizes (in term of thickness). Although it is the most economical, but it is not very effective due to the need to change them regularly as its adhesive coating and mesh that filters the air particles are often damaged because of the cleaning process.
  2. The other type is the pleated air filters which can remove around 35% to 40% of air pollutants in your house. It is more effective because it contain more fiber per square inch compared to the disposable fiberglass filters because a large amount of fiber can trap more air particles.
  3. The electronic air filters is an expensive filters and also the most effective filter for trapping dust and debris. This type of filters can trap smaller molecules like smoke, mold and also pet odors, plus also can last up to 6 months. It also comes with a pre-filter that can attract larger particles.
  4. In order to purchase an air conditioner filters, it is recommended that you look for filters that has the MERV rating sticker (MERV 7 helps trap larger particles and efficient, MERV 8 filters used for pet owners or people who have dust and pollen allergies, and MERV 11 which is perfect for those who has chronic respiratory illnesses or if your house has low indoor air quality.

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