What is a Portable Air Conditioner

Normally, portable air conditioners (also known as “windowless” air conditioners) consist of a console unit which can be moved around easily and it costs a little bit more than the window units, plus it also uses up more energy. Usually, the console unit is designed with 3 to 4 feet tall and 1 to 2 feet wide, along with roll around features on small wheels or casters. The portable unit can be turned on anywhere you like and it provides you with cool air if you sit in front of it, but generally it does not lower down the temperature of a room. This is due to the unit blows out cool air through the front and releases hot air from the back or side. In order to know more about a portable air conditioner, below is some of the information that may be useful to you.

What you need:

  1. Portable air conditioner
  2. Connect a vent hose
  3. Condensed water


  1. In order to control the hot air that dissipates from the portable air conditioner into your room, you can simply connect a vent hose to the unit and direct the hose out through the window or into another room. Most of the portable air conditioner model are compatible with vent hose and can be hook-up easily.
  2. The portable units usually come with a bucket in order to collect condensed water or even uses a small pump that circulates the condensed water over its condenser where the water evaporates and enable the hot air to exits through the vent hose.
  3. This portable unit is effective in removing odors like smoke, cooking and other undesirable indoor pollutants.
  4. It is also ideal for cooling down small rooms with high local heat dissipation, for example, the living room, the bedroom, kitchen, offices with copiers and other heat-generating equipment, but bear in mind that its cooling capabilities are less than the central air conditioner and not suitable for a large rooms or an extremely hot rooms.
  5. When deciding to purchase a portable air condition, make sure that it is not too small because its size has an effect on its cooling process. A lot of the portable unit also comes with a dehumidifier function plus also a two way oscillating fan which has very useful features to have for in a portable air conditioning unit.

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