Unclogging Garbage Disposal Plumbing

Most houses are provided with a sink that is connected with a garbage disposal that sort of connects with the rain directly. Garbage disposals are installed in double sinks, which are typically connected to the drain for second sink using a special T-fitting which is the source for most of the garbage disposal plumbing clogs. If your garbage disposal plumbing happens to have clogs, here are the steps on how to unclog it to make it clear and better.

Things that you need

  1. Garbage Disposal
  2. Water
  3. Plunger

Garbage Disposal Plumbing


  • Start by filling with water until the garbage disposal is filled with water and that the water rises into the sink.
  • Force the blockage through the plumbing with a plunger. You may want to be able to push the blockage past the restricted area in the fitting if the plumbing uses a T-fitting. You can do the next steps if this step does not unclog the problem.
  • To unclog the T-fitting type, access the plumbing exiting the garbage disposal. It either goes to a T-fitting on the adjacent sink’s drain or to a U-shaped trap, which leads to the house drains plumbing.
  • Remove the U-shaped trap of the connection to the T-fitting under the other sink with a pipe wrench.
  • Put a bucket or a dish pan under the plumbing to catch any water that pours out. Once the connection trap is removed, clean the blocking material inside it.
  • Re-attach the plumbing and test for leaks or other blockages with running water.

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