Wrapping Round Boxes

Gifts that are placed inside round boxes can be a hassle when it comes to wrapping them. The usual way of wrapping gift won’t work for the round boxes because of the shape of the box. You can learn how to wrap round boxes with some practice such as making a circular pattern of folded wrapping paper on the top of the box. Here are the steps on how to wrap round boxes.

You will need:

  1. Wrapping paper
  2. Clear tape
  3. Flexible tape measure
  4. Scissors

Round Boxes


  1. First, measure the circumference of the box and add one to two inches to this amount to determine the length of wrapping paper that you will use. Measure the diameter of the top of the box plus the height of the flat side of the box. Again, add one to two inches to determine the width of wrapping paper.
  2. Then, use a scissor to cut a rectangle of the wrapping paper according to the dimensions in your measurements.
  3. Make sure the length of the wrapping paper corresponds to the circumference of the box, extends in the correct direction when setting the round box on its side in the middle of the wrapping paper.
  4. Take these ends of paper up and around the box. Secure the tops with tape so the wrapping paper covers the box around its circumference.
  5. Next, turn the box to make the bottom faces up. Hold it tightly between your knees. This would be another simple way to wrap the bottom without actually wrinkling the wrapping paper extending off the top if you have something handy that you could set the box on while you work.
  6. To wrap, start by folding one of the corners of the wrapping paper into the center of the round bottom and hold it in place with one hand.
  7. Bring a spot a few inches along the edge of the paper with the other hand to the center of the box. Pleat from the center to the rim of the box so the paper will lay flat.
  8. You can continue working along the edge of the wrapping paper by bringing it to the center and folding a pleat so the paper is flat against the bottom of the box.
  9. In the end, you will see a pattern of pie-shaped sections of wrapping paper created. For the best look, keep your pleats width consistent.
  10. Then, bring the last corner of the wrapping paper into the center. Fold the edge under to make a pie shape like the rest.
  11. Use at least two pieces of tape to secure the wrapping paper in the center. Flip the gift over and repeat the process covering the top of the box with a wrapping paper.
  12. Put a bow in the center of the box to hide the tape that secures the wrapping paper.

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