What Are the Dangers of Running a Dryer Outlet Into an Attic?

Any type of dryer that you used in your house is designed with a vent or outlet that will produced harmful gases out of your house safely. Therefore, if you decide to run your dryer inside your house especially in the attic, it will be very dangerous not only to the people who live in the house by inhaling those fumes and gases but also might result into a fire hazard to your house.

The dangers of running a dryer outlet into an attic are:

  • Creation of Carbon Monoxide
  • Dryer produces moisture problems
  • Create excessive heat when appliance is in operation
  • Buildup of Lint

Dangers of Running a Dryer Outlet into an Attic

What are the Dangers of Running a Dryer Outlet Into an Attic?

  • Dryers are designed with exhaust vents that enable gas to go through its pipe or tube before the gas is disburse outside
    • If you place an exhaust outlet in your attic, all the carbon monoxide gases will be pushed into the whole area of the attic and might even spread to other areas of your house within minutes creating poisonous carbon monoxide.
    • Even if the tube of your dryer is pushed through the attic, it still has potential danger because the tube might crack or break resulting to the release of small amount of toxic gases into your attic and your house.
  • Dryer can also cause moisture problems.
    • Your clothes dryer usually uses high heat in order to slowly dry out your wet clothing. This will in the end result to water and moisture coming from your clothes will turn into steam that comes out through the vent or outlet.
    • If you vent the dryer into the attic, the steam produced by the dryer will move and trapped into the attic.
    • The moisture will slowly build up in the attic onto different areas especially in area mainly made of wood.
    • Due to the hot and humid condition of the attic, all of the excess moisture can lead to mold problems.
  • When your dryer is in operation, it will produce excessive heat and the high temperature coming from the dryer will
    • Cause a rise of temperature to the surrounding area of the attic.
    • The dryer creates even higher temperature in the attic area especially during warmer and hot period of the year.
    • Although the dryer managed to keep the attic warm during the winter months, it will also create an ice dam due to the melting of the ice and snow coming off your rooftop and drops down to the ground, which is having a much colder temperature.
  • Even though you are having the best outlets and vents by using branded type of dryers, you will find that a small amount of lint would still be able to escape from the appliance.
    • The lint will then slowly buildup around your dryer that may caused potential fire hazard to your house.
    • Apart from the lint, the excessive heat produced by the dryer along with electrical outlets from the attic may cause a potential large attic fire.
    • Improper installation of the vents in your attic will also result to buildup of lint along the lines of the vents.

    Always remember that the best place to run a dryer outlet is in a well ventilated area and has no direct connection to your house.

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