What Is a Stove Board?

A stove board or other names such as hearth pad or hearth board is a section of fireproof material, which is usually used to protect walls and floors from the intense heat and sparks from a wood stove. Another usage for a stove board is to use under a pellet stove, kerosene heater and gas stove. Here is some information about stove board.

A Stove Board

  1. The material to make a stove board is from any fireproof material that will function to build a barrier between the stove’s heat and a combustible surface. The styles and the construction materials are available to suit any budget from inexpensive steel models to more elaborate types such as marble, granite and slate.
  2. There are many sizes of stove boards available to fulfill most demands and needs, most covering the range between 5/8 to 1 ΒΌ inches thick. 36 by 48 inches is the common board measurement for a steel stove to provide enough floor coverage for most wood stoves. The sizes will vary, which in case for hearth extenders the stove boards are designed to be placed on the floor in front of the brick hearths.
  3. For anyone who installing a new wood stove in an unprotected area, stove boards are important to be installed. The stove boards will used as wall protectors as well as in situation where the stove do not fulfill the clearance needed of 3 feet from all combustible walls.

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