Choosing the Most Suitable Charcoal Grill for your Barbecue


Lots of people nowadays love to cook outdoor especially during the summer and charcoal grilling is the most chosen method of cooking outdoor that can be easily found anywhere at your retail or hardware stores. Due to several alternatives available, we tend to get confuse in terms of choosing the most suitable charcoal grill for our barbecue outing. There are many different tips that you can learn whenever you are looking for suitable charcoal grill that you want to use and easier for you and your family. You should know that different kinds of charcoal would provide different affect on the process of grilling on the food. Charcoal is made differently from burning wood for instance, lump charcoal is a burning wood that do not have oxygen while charcoal briquettes are wood by-products that has additives. Below are some of tips that can help you choose the most suitable charcoal for your grilling.

To choose suitable charcoal grills, you need:

  • Barbecue Grills
  • Charcoal
  • Charcoal Lighters
  • Accelerant
  • Fireplace match or butane-powered fireplace, and grill lighter
  • Long-handle tongs
  • Heat-resistant grilling gloves
  • Long-handle spatula
  • Grilling fork
  • Wire Grill Brushes
  • A fire extinguisher (for emergency usage)
  • Meat Thermometers
  • Gloves

Choose the Best Charcoal Grills

Choosing the Most Suitable Charcoal Grills for your Barbecue

  • The first thing that you need to determine is the size of charcoal grill that you prefer. For those who are living alone it is wise to use a small size grill but for a family house, you should purchase a big size grill. The size of your charcoal grill should also be able to fit the area that you want to place it.
  • The make of the charcoal grill is also important because grill made of metal or stainless steel is normally high in quality. It is suitable to be placed outdoor
    • It is also rust free and water proof and would be able to withstand the whether elements.
  • Charcoal grills which are available in the market today come with new added features that can make your cooking more comfortable.
    • You would be able to find charcoal grill that has a built-in igniter.
  • If you like to travel or organize camping trip, you might want to look for charcoal grill which is portable that comes with wheels and easy to move around.
    • It must also be ergonomic and easy to fold and set up when you are at an outdoor area.

Another feature that you need to consider for your charcoal grill is the ash pan. Make sure that the charcoal grill has an ash pan which is located beneath the grill base.

  • It is use for catching any coals that dropped during venting. You will notice that when the grill’s bottom vent is opened, it is common for any small pieces of charcoal to drop.
  • In addition, it can also catch ashes once you start to do cleaning task on the grill.
  • One of the most natural charcoals is known as the lump charcoal.
    • Lump charcoal can be light up easily and burns hot once you have started it.
    • You would be able to control the temperature of lump charcoal by using your grill’s air vents due to the charcoal’s sensitivity to oxygen.
    • In addition, it is easy to clean once you have finished grilling due to less ash.
    • It also burns much quickly thus you need to prepare lots of it if you want to do long period of grilling.
    • The lump charcoal is natural and it does not manufactured in standard sizes like charcoal briquettes. You may end up having small pieces of lump charcoal which is not suitable for grilling.
    • Some of the well known brand of lump charcoal is B&B, Blackwood Canyon, Kamado and Frontier.

    Always monitor the temperature of your Weber charcoal grill regularly. You can do this using a handheld probe thermometer via the grill’s lid vent.

  • Another type of charcoal is the charcoal briquettes that you can find at your local grocery stores which are inexpensive and able to burn for longer period.
    • Charcoal briquettes allow you to do consistent grilling and control a steady temperature while cooking. It is suitable for beginners who are learning to do grilling for the first time.
    • However, the Charcoal briquettes are made in a compressed standard size along with additives that provides you with a chemical smell once you have started the fire. It will only go away after your briquettes are covered with white ash and the right time for you to place your meat or other meals on the grill. If you immediately place your meals after starting the fire, the chemical smell can permeate the meat and vegetables that you are grilling.
    • It is recommended that you avoid choosing charcoal briquettes that has lighter fluid because it will heat up very quickly thus will ruin your planned slow-grilling cooking. You are required to use chimney starter in order to create a perfect hot briquettes for your barbecue grilling.
  • Another type of charcoal is the Extruded charcoal which is a very rare type of charcoal. It is normally ordered by the pallet and specially order from its supplier.
    • The Extruded charcoal is made of carbonized compressed sawdust logs and the most common types used are known as Kamado Extruded Coconut Charcoal.
  • No matter what type of charcoal that you choose, you must make sure that the charcoal is spread inside the grill using a long-handle tongs
    • While doing the above step, you must always wear heat-resistant grilling gloves for protection against the heat or avoid accident that can burn your skin.
    • You should leave the charcoal to continue heating until you find that its surface has already turned into white-gray color.

Whenever you have finished cooking with your charcoal grill, remember to always close the vents in order to kill the oxygen and cool off the hot charcoals.

Always remember that whenever you want to choose the best charcoal grill

  • Make sure to look extra careful at its finish. For example, painted grills would not be able to last longer than a stainless steel grills. Although it would cost you more for having a stainless steel grill, you do not have to do any exterior maintenance.
  • The chosen charcoal grill should be able to provide you with easy access to the ash pan (charcoal grill) or drip tray (gas grill). It will help you a lot when you are done with your grilling and intend to do the cleaning process.
  • Remember to check whether the charcoal grill is designed with a lid that can keep the cooking smoke inside along with your food and also able to reduce the time of your cooking.
  • You charcoal grills should also has shelves along with an igniter so that you can avoid using lighter fluid and matches.

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